About Us

AGOA is a limited company operating out of Ontario. With extensive experience in both the operational and accounting side of hospitality management, the partners of AGOA work with service-oriented businesses to help increase their efficiency and profitability.

Joost Asselbergs

Joost Asselbergs


Joost is a passionate hospitality professional who applies knowledge, vision, leadership, decision making and creative problem solving to building and managing profitable enterprises and high performance teams.

He is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA 1996) with experience as a general manager, chief operating officer and financial controller for a number of high profile resorts and hotels throughout Canada. He brings extensive, hands-on knowledge of hotel operations, budgeting, business processes, hospitality technology systems, and renovation and new build operational planning.


Louise Asselbergs

Louise Asselbergs


Louise is a bookkeeper/controller offering over 30 years’ experience in administration and bookkeeping. She uses an effective, analytical approach to identifying and solving complex problems. She is a Certified Hospitality Accounting Executive, Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Certified Fraud Examiner with strong technical proficiency and commitment to accuracy in financial data entry, financial reporting and record keeping.

Louise enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others, and loves to train and mentor staff in hospitality bookkeeping practices.